NA+ says that family medicine positions in Navarra “are not attractive”

The spokesperson for Navarre Sum in the Health Commission of the Parliament of Navarre, Cristina Ibarrolahas assured this Friday that “family medicine positions are not attractive” and has considered that the Department of Health “has to do something to make them attractive again, if they do not recognize it, they will never solve the problem”.
The Minister of Health of the Government of Navarre, Santos Indurainhas indicated, in response to a question from Navarra Suma in Parliament, that 97.3% of paediatrics positions are covered on a stable basis, a figure that is 98.5% in the case of family medicine.

On the other hand, he explained that there are 46 medical positions in the public health system occupied by professionals on secondment and there are 52 secondment reserves.

“The service commission is one more instrument that exists in the Administration and a right that professionals can exercise. Health must make these situations compatible with the provision of a general public service,” he pointed out.

The spokeswoman for Navarra Suma, Cristina Ibarrola, has affirmed that Induráin “lacks credibility” and has stated that, if in alsasua Ten of the eleven medical places are stably covered and in Elizondo 15 out of 15, why “professionals and residents of Alsasua complain about the lack of doctors and why an SOS is sent from the windows of the Elizondo health center.”

In addition, Ibarrola has indicated that in 2021 there were 18 places for Primary Care doctors more than in 2022. “Can you explain it to us?”, he asked the counselor. “It seems that they are eliminating some structural spaces and thus appear to reduce the number of uncovered spaces,” added Ibarrola.

the parliamentarian of Navarre Sum has indicated that “it is not about deceiving, it is about knowing the real situation and how to face solutions”. “Expectations have not been met, neither for mayors, nor for neighbors or for professionals,” she assured.

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