Nacho Casano loses the privilege of saving one of the nominees for ‘The House of Celebrities’

A statement from The Jefa located inside a black envelope was going to be read at tonight’s gala and it contained an announcement that no one expected in ‘The House of the Famous’.

As is known, every Friday it is the weekly leader’s turn to announce the name of the nominated participant he wishes to save, however, Nacho Casano, who had that privilege, has been left without that option for having consulted with several of his companions about the decision that was only up to him to make.

Among the nominated townspeople he could bail out of elimination are Salvador Zerboni, Ivonne Montero, Rafael Nieves and Osvaldo Riossame as next Monday they will have to pack their bags to go to the SUM.

Although there are four nominees, Nacho was only debating between two options that were Ivonne and Osvaldobecause his priority is that those in the purple room (Daniella Navarro, Laura Bozzo, Rafael and Zerboni) be eliminated before his teammates in the blue room that make it up, in addition to him, Lewis Mendoza, Juan Vidal, Natalia Alcocer, Toni Costa, Montero and Rios.

Unfortunately for Casano, he he made the mistake of summoning his entire room to discuss the salvation of this daywhich finally did not materialize, since the rules dictate that this decision was personal as well as the nominations.

“Well done Telemundo did the right thing”, “Massive vote to remove OSVALDO”, “Excellent. Thanks to La Jefa for enforcing the rules.”“Now begins the campaign for Osvaldo to leave”, “Thank you for listening to us Telemundo, Osvaldo Out”, are the first reactions that the public has emitted through social networks.

And the unexpected situations did not stop there, because Niurka made a virtual appearance at the gala to announce that next Monday, the day that the seventh eliminated will also be announced, will be present on the show.

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