Nahuel Guzmán wants to play in Gerard Piqué’s Kings League

The Tigres goalkeeper proposed to play in the Kings League on FIFA Date days.

The goalkeeper of the Tigers, Nahuel GuzmanHe raised his hand to join the kings leaguethe tournament that organizes Gerard Piqué in Europe, and suggesting that it could participate in the days that there is a date FIFA.

“Don’t tempt me, don’t you look at me? How nice it would be a weekend, on the FIFA Date, to go play there,” he said. Nahuel Guzmangoalkeeper of the tigersin a conversation with Igor Lichenvosky.

The Argentine suggested that he could play in a club run by “a royal girl”, which is called “Pio FC” and that it is in the last places, although he did not elaborate more on the subject.

“I like it a lot, there is a royal girl. What is the regal girl team? Pio FCIt’s Rivers. They are last the same, they are a disaster”, added the South American goalkeeper.

The kings league It is a tournament that is played in Europe, in the format of Soccer 7, in which some professional players participate by invitation. Among those who have been contemplated are the Mexican striker Javier “Chicharito” Hernandezwho was there for a game and then fulfilled his commitments in the LA Galaxy.

also participated Sergio ‘Kun’ Agueroin addition to being invited to Javier Saviolaamong others. Nahuel Guzman raise your hand to participate in the championship, although you must wait for the date FIFA so that there is no conflict with their responsibilities in the tigers.

The kings league has gained fame because it is promoted by Gerard Piquéthe retired player of the Barcelona he is one of the most active on social media, helping to promote his tournament. He also helped by the participation of professionals and ex-professionals.

So far there are 12 teams participating in the 7-a-side soccer tournament, made up of 10 members, who were selected after several tests were carried out to choose the best.

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