Nail art and shades are the winter 2022 trends, the side French manicure and the peach color by Billie Eilish

Many nail art they are in trend in this winter 2022. The various proposals can also be shown off during the Christmas holidays and therefore they are all to be discovered and obviously copied.

Nail art news for winter 2022

A new manicure it must always be chosen very carefully, to adapt to the style of each woman and also to the outfit of the moment. In the winter season you can opt for one french manicure lateral: in this case the color is present on the tip of the nail and on one side. On this nail art the base is transparent, for a much more elegant look. On the other hand, a glittery or dark shade can be used for decoration.

Winter 2022 manicure trends

The real trend of the moment is animalier which is used not only for nails, but also for clothing. The animalier can be made on one hand and on the other nails contrasting or matching colors are perfect. There manicure effect marble turns out to be very original, to have a very glamorous look. There nail art marbled it can be combined with rings with stones that recall the same nuances. The nail art in question can be done using gel polish. On the nails, flowers can never be missing and these are ideal for giving joy to all the girls on gray and rainy days. In this case you can create small colored flowers.

Nail art winter 2022

For the Christmas holidays you can opt for a manicure glitter shadows. It is a question of creating a faded effect of glitter on the nails: the latter are concentrated towards the final part and must be faded in half. This proposal is very easy to create and instead a little less to take off, so beware.

Recently Emma Chamberlain she opted for a matte beige manicure. The youtuber’s nails are quite long and Emma has also applied small gold chains, for a very chic style that certainly does not go unnoticed. Instead Billie Eilish applied a peach-colored polish to her nails which gives her a truly wonderful retro style. So you just need to use a little imagination to always create some manicure very special.

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