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Babylon’s Fall apparently it really has some recycled items from Final Fantasy XIV, in particular as regards the armor of the characters, which exploit assets already used by Square Enix in his famous MMORPG and this was recently confirmed by Platinum Games, explaining however that Naoki Yoshida is informed and agrees with the operation .

Yosuke Saito, Platinum Games producer also responsible for Babylon’s Fall, confirmed with a post on the official blog that some armor and emotes in the game are in fact built using assets already exploited by Square Enix for Final Fantasy XIV, as had emerged based on reports of players, but it was a decision made in agreement with other developers.

Saito reported that Yoshida had attended a presentation of Babylon’s Fall, during which he offered his help to support the development: “By borrowing some data, we were able to implement a wider variety of equipment and emotes than we originally planned, “Saito explained.

“Just to be clear though, the look of many of the armor players can get in the game are unique and unreleased, only found in Babylon’s Fall.

The materials taken from Final Fantasy XIV were used for the equipment present in the introductory and intermediate phase, which is why they are visible above all in the beta test“, which is in progress.

For his part, Yoshida confirmed that he is aware of the matter and that he has encouraged Platinum Games to use some Final Fantasy XIV assets: “I’m a huge fan of online games, as a player and developer,” he said, “That’s why I couldn’t be happier if Babylon’s Fall succeeds and reinvigorates Japanese online games by increasing players in the genre. So I said to use FFXIV assets as well, having so much material available. “

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