Naomi Judd died of a gunshot wound

Ashley Judd, the daughter of country music star Naomi Judd, revealed her mother’s cause of death during an interview with Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America.

On April 30, Ashley and her sister Wynonna Judd shared that they had lost their mother due to mental illness, according to TMZ reports.

“Her brain ached, physically ached and I have the extremely difficult task of revealing the matter in the way my mother chose to go on living…because we don’t want her to be part of gossip, I will share with you that she used a gun, a firearm.

“So that’s information that we’re very uncomfortable sharing, but we understand,” Ashley said in the interview, stating that her family was okay with her sharing the singer’s cause of death.

Naomi’s family decided to share the facts to raise awareness about the importance of mental illness, knowing how to differentiate between the loved one and their condition. Ashley also shared that she was the one who found her dead mother.

“It was a mixed day. I visit my mom and dad every day when I’m home in Tennessee, so I was in the house every day. Mom was like, ‘Will you stay with me?’ and I said, ‘Of course I will.’ I went upstairs to let her know that her good friend was there and I found her out. I have pain and trauma from finding out,” she explained.

Ashley spoke about the disconnection her mother felt between the feelings and affection that her loved ones had for her and the way she felt about herself, as her illness did not allow her to process the love and value that other people showed her. .

Naomi Judd passed away a day before she and her daughter Wynonna were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame for their musical duo ‘The Judds’.

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