Naomi Watts charges against Hollywood: “They told me that everything ends at 40”

naomi watts broke into international stardom with David Lynch and Mulholland Drivebecoming one of the best-known figures or faces of the new Hollywood. Little by little, he interleaved papers on small tapes with large blockbustersbeing seen in films like 21 Grams, The Impossible or King Kong. But Watts, along with other actresses like Christina Ricci, Jennifer Lawrence or Salma Hayek, has criticized the prevailing sexism in the North American industry in an interview with Entertainment Weekly in which he affirms that age harms actresses when it comes to getting roles.

Naomi Watts reveals the sexist advice they gave her in Hollywood

Watts has recalled how, in her early days in Hollywood, she was given advice that scarred her for life. “I was told: ‘You better work hard because everything ends at 40 when you’re no longer fuckable’“, the actress has confessed. “He asked me: ‘what? What exactly does that mean?’.Then, you think about it and say to yourself: ‘Oh okay. When you are no longer reproductive, when those organs don’t work anymore, you’re not sexy and that’s why they don’t hire you’. That fits me a lot”, she remarked. Twice nominated for an Oscar, the actress has continued her career in the Mecca of cinema with films of different kinds, staying on the billboard with jewels like eastern promises either Birdman. In full promotion of The Watcher, Ryan Murphy’s series for Netflix, he continues his plea against Hollywood.

naomi watts

You better work hard because it’s all over at 40 when you’re no longer fuckable

“It is a very rare topic of discussion because, from day one, we start our aging process. It is something that we all have to learn to be comfortable with and they ask women more than men“, he continues. “We hardly ever talk about a man getting older. We’re not talking about his gray hair. In fact, if we do, it’s like: ‘Oh, he’s more handsome, more desirable, more powerful.’ And why is it powerful? Well, because he has been accumulating experiences. It should be the same for women. We have important and powerful experiences also at this age and we should feel proud”, concluded the 54-year-old actress, who has returned to the horror genre with good night momhas been seen in Infinite Storm and brand new Feud in 2023.

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