Naomi Watts takes over the cover of the November issue

He quit his daily job and auditioned for the film tamper with, a romance based in a boarding school. This became his first feature. She already knew her co-star Nicole Kidman from the Sydney social scene, but it was on the set that their friendship grew stronger and Kidman is one of Watts’ closest friends. ‘She was always an inspiration. The fact that she had done as much work, she was like, “Oh yeah, another girl from the North Shore has achieved this, so maybe (I have) a chance.” Watts decided to move to America in his early twenties and try to succeed as an actor. (His mother had already returned to Britain and set up shop in Norfolk, where she worked on several interior design projects for the Marquess of Cholmondeley at Houghton Hall, and redesigned the private family wing of Holkham Hall. ) It was a tough, disappointing fall for Watts, far from the obvious glamor of Hollywood. There were small parts, but plagued by self-doubt she kept missing out on bigger roles, missing rent, changing apartments. ‘If I feel there is any kind of a test or a feeling of doubt, I will step back. ‘are you related?’ she asks, taking off her sunglasses for the first time. But she persisted: ‘I just kept coming back, I think I’m a masochist.’

Suddenly everything changed when David Lynch cast Watts Mulholland Drive From a headshot taken by his brother, Ben. The film came out in 2001; At the age of 32, Watts finally landed the role of a bright-eyed young actor troubled by baffling Hollywood. Author Lily Anolik said that Lynch knew how to ‘match actor and role’, adding that Watts’ portrayal ‘doesn’t feel like a performance’. It feels more raw, real, beyond skill or artistry.’

lynch and Mulholland Drive The door opened a little, then the calls started coming: Blockbuster Remake King Kong And ringand indies like we don’t live here anymore And 21 grams, for which he received his first Oscar nomination. The second nomination came in 2013 for his role in impossible, about a family trapped in the 2004 tsunami in Thailand. Watts’ roles are notable for their diversity – a careful balance of independent films and major films – but also for her portrayals of women who are either pushed to the limit or pushed against the boundaries of their existence. Has gone. In Ryan Murphy’s true-crime drama watchmanShe brings steely elegance to the role of a wife and mother whose aspirations for a neutral-palette upper-middle-class life are threatened by a stalker.

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