Naomi Watts was told her acting career would end once it ‘became impossible’ at 40: ‘That made me so mad’

Naomi Watts just got some good reviews for leading the English remake of Amazon Prime Video’s “Goodnight Mommy.”

This month, he headlines Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix thriller, “The Watcher”, will also reunite with the mega-producer to play Babe Paley in the Capote-focused second season of FX’s “Feud.” All of this is to say that Watts’ acting career is thriving, which is not what an anonymous Hollywood figure told him after his breakthrough in America in David Lynch’s “Mulholland Drive.” Watts was 33 years old at the time, which was considered old by many in Hollywood.

“They told me, ‘You better do a lot of stuff because it all ends at 40 when you become unfuckable.’ And I was like, ‘What? What does that mean exactly?'”Watts recently told Entertainment Weekly . “Then you think about it and say, ‘Oh, sure. When you are no longer reproductive, when those organs no longer function, you are not sexy, therefore you are not hireable.’ That made me very angry.”

When asked what Hollywood can do better to accommodate women past a certain age, Watts responded: “It’s such an awkward conversation because, from day one, we started our aging process. It’s something we all have to be comfortable with and women are asked to do it more than men.”

“We are not talking about a man who hardly ever ages,” Watts continued. “We don’t talk about his gray hair. In fact, if we do, it’s like, ‘Oh, he becomes more handsome, more desirable, more powerful.’ And why is he powerful? Because he has accumulated experiences. Well, it should be the same for women. We also have important and powerful experiences at this age that we should be proud of.”

Watts’ story is just the latest example of actresses in Hollywood being forced to deal with how “fuckable” they are. Charlize Theron recently made headlines for sharing an early-career “put down” experience of hers when an anonymous male director made repeated attempts to make her appear more “fuckable” in her movie.

“Having absolutely no control over what you wear is a big thing that really bothered me for years”Theron said. “Having a guy make you have a test almost in front of them, things like that, it’s really demeaning. When I started, there was no conversation about it. It was like, ‘This is the thing to wear.’”.

Theron continued: “I remember one movie in particular, this male director who kept bringing me back, test after test after test after… And it was so obvious that it had to do with my sexuality and how fuckable they could make me in the movie. And when I started, that was the norm.”.

You can see Naomi Watss in “The Watcher” next October 13 on Netflix.

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