Naples, audio shock on the intervention in Osimhen: ‘Back in January, but De Laurentiis wants us to say in 90 days so he won’t go to the African Cup’. The surgeon denies | First page

In home Naples there are two concerns that go hand in hand: the one concerning the Africa Cup of Nations and the Azzurri players who will take part in it and the very serious injury of Victor Osimhen. Following the tough battle with Skriniar, the Nigerian striker was forced to undergo surgery due to many fractures to his face. A long and delicate operation led by Prof. Gianpaolo Tartaro. The prognosis emerged from the official statement of the club is about 90 days. In this way Osimhen could not return before the second half of February, consequently also skipping the African Cup of Nations.

THE AUDIO BEFFARDO – However, some shadows have begun to emerge regarding recovery times. Everything must be attributed to a whatsapp audio that started circulating a few minutes after the intervention of the Nigerian ended, containing detailed references on the operation (and at that time unknown to most) and attributed to Prof. Tartaro himself: “One of the ugliest fractures I have ever done honestly because the malar bone was pluri pluri fragmented, it had exploded, the zygomatic arch rotated on itself and the floor of the orbit dropped down. The bone opened in two places above the eyebrow, so I had to use as many as five plates and nineteen screws. A devastating situation, one of the most bad ever done in my life Three hours of surgery with the orbit completely squashed and coming out from outside. That lot of De Laurentiis said ‘Professor let’s do 90 days with the cock so that we send him to the African Cup’. So we will say it needs 90 days. Then in the end we don’t get too close, but surely the first matches he can play in January with the mask that we will have to study especially for him “.

THE SURGEON SPEAKS – A situation that would make anyone scream scandal. The protagonist of the incident, the surgeon Tartaro, said his to the microphones of Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli, wanting to categorically deny the incident: “It’s not me, we’re crazy. There was a frantic coming and going in the operating room, everyone wanted news. In the end I only talked about the technical things, nothing more. I am thrilled and sorry for what happened. “In the next month there could be a move by the Nigerian Federation, or a visit to update Osimhen’s conditions. The hope is that the player can return as soon as possible and can get this bad time behind.

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