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Mexico City.- This Thursday night, a 79-year-old lawyer killed his young wife with three shots to the chest, who turned out to be the Mexican music singer Yrma Lydyaonly 21 years old.

The events occurred inside the restaurant. Suntory in the Del Valle neighborhood, the man who fled was captured minutes later by police from the Citizen Security Secretariat under Omar García Harfuch.

Yrma Lydya dined with her husband Jesus Hernandez when he shot him three times at close range.

Yrma Lydya’s voice

The victim was a singer, just a few days ago she appeared as a guest at the Mexico City Arena at the GranDiosas concert, alongside Alicia Villarreal, María Conchita Alonso and Dulce. She performed the song “Señor Amor”.

“For me it is an honor to share the stage with these great singers that I have admired since I was a child, being part of GranDiosas is a dream for me.”

These words were part of his presentation.

Facebook/Yrma Lydya

Yrma Lydya had a very active career in palenques and town fairs. She had previously performed at the Santa Rita Fair in Chihuahua, and she had other presentations, either in palenques or on the tour of Great Goddessesin Tabasco, Monterrey, Mérida and Tampico.

Yrma Lydya began to sing professionally at a very young age, encouraged by her mother. As a child, she studied ballet and artistic gymnastics, but discovered the music of José Alfredo Jiménez and became her great influence.

His first forays on stage were with the Royal Academy Dance, and later with the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra. She also got to sing at the Esperanza Iris City Theater.

He also recorded three albums and received several awards for the dissemination of Mexican music, one of these from the Senate of the Republic.

She was previously married to radio businessman Carlos Quiñones, who died in 2020, who promoted her in various media.


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