NASA delays return of Boeing astronauts indefinitely

The Boeing astronauts were expected to return home in mid-June, but after three delays the return date is unknown. The Starliner deadline is approaching.

Boeing launched two astronauts into orbit for the first time in early June.. After some problems they arrived at the International Space Station. The flight was supposed to take place in mid-June, but Several failures in the Starliner module delayed its return flight..

NASA announced they will return home on June 22. Then until June 26. And now the new part postpones it indefinitely. The earliest it will be in July.

The problem is that Boeing’s Starliner module has a service life of 45 days., and at the beginning of the month it will already reach 30 days. NASA has no way to delay this any longer.

Problems with Boeing’s Starliner module

On June 5 at 10:52 a.m. local time, Boeing made history by sending its Starliner space module with two astronauts on board to the International Space Station.

The first part of the mission achieved its goal of arriving safely at the station, but the Starliner module encountered several problems during the journey.

The launch was postponed up to four timesdue to various problems with fuel and helium leaks that recurred during the flight.

SpaceX's moon rocket finally completes failed mission

The original mission saw the two astronauts sent to the station, Barry “Butch” Wilmore and Suni Williams, spend nine days there and return on June 15.

But during a review of the Starliner module, Five helium leaks and valve problem detected. So they postponed their return home until June 22… then until the 26th… And now for an indefinite period.

Helium is used to create pressure in the propulsion system. Five of Starliner’s 28 engines failed during its approach to the station.

On the Chinese spacecraft Chang'e 6, they discover a secret rover that will land on the moon.

The note says they planned to return home at the end of June, but other astronauts are scheduled for spacewalks around that time, so They’re postponing it until July. They try to create a positive image by ensuring that they have more time to analyze the ship in space.

The space station has food for several months, so there are no problems with their stay there. However,The Starliner has a service limit of 45 days.although we don’t know to what extent this might be a problem.

Boeing takes a risk with this first mission with astronautsbecause NASA is considering approving its Starliner module as the official means of transportation to the space station at the same level as SpaceX.

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