Nasolabial patches to forget about wrinkles

In recent years, a new cosmetic tool has become a strong part of our care routine. We are talking about the patches, some simple stickers that adhere to the skin for a few minutes and that have painless microneedles that super effectively penetrate the active ingredients on our face. Surely you have already tried the wonders of anti-dark circles patches, but did you know that there are also other designs to treat the contour of the lips?

The wrinkles that appear on the upper lip are very unsightly and are responsible for adding many years to our appearance. They are usually called barcodes because of their vertical shape along the entire mustache area. They are difficult to treat wrinkles and, in addition, the use of surgical masks has greatly increased the number of people who suffer from them.

Luckily, cosmetics serves us as an ally again beauty and offers us many products to treat the barcode. Among the most innovative and effective are the nasolabial patches that have become one of the latest trends in the field of beauty and They have loyal fans among celebrities like Jessica Alba or Kim Kardashian.

This favored position over other alternatives, such as creams or aesthetic treatments, is due to the fact that the patches they are very easy to use and their results are noticeable instantly. If this area is one of your aesthetic concerns, at THE OBJECTIVE we offer you information and different proposals so that you can rejuvenate your image in a matter of minutes.

nasolabial patches

Nasolabial patches are small masks that are placed next to the mouth so that the active ingredients that are part of their composition work against wrinkles in this area. It is a product that manages to hide the appearance of the barcode and that it is also effective to stop and anticipate the appearance of the first wrinkles.

Nasolabial patch.  (Source: The Cosmetics)
Nasolabial patch. (Source: The Cosmetics)

As we anticipated, one of its main advantages is that they have a flash and they get their results in a few minutes from home without having to resort to aesthetic medicine. The patches have almost immediate effectiveness so they are ideal for those occasions in which we want to show our best face to attend a special event.

The patches have become one of the best possible treatments for facial rejuvenation thanks to their biodegradable microstructures that release the active ingredients penetrating directly into the depths of the skin. They are usually bought in individual packages to open them when they are going to be used and that they are protected until then.

Depending on the manufacturer and the product, we can find patches with different ingredients. There are interesting formulas based on plant and marine active ingredients that achieve effects very similar to those we would have when using botox. The most recommended are those that contain hyaluronic acid and EGF (epidermal growth factor). Hyaluronic acid is capable of retaining up to a thousand times its weight in moisture, making it the perfect ally for filling in wrinkles and expression lines from within.

For its part, EGF is a component made up of peptide chains that have up to 53 amino acids. It is used to regulate the growth, differentiation and metabolism of skin cells. Thanks to this ingredient, it is possible to increase the production of such positive elements for the skin as collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin. These three components are essential to reduce wrinkles because they manage to prevent cell breakage.

Pair of patches for lip contour wrinkles.  (Source: Aliexpress)
Pair of patches for lip contour wrinkles. (Source: Aliexpress)

The changes occur instantly and without any risk since they do not have parabens or alcohol in their formulas. In addition, they are 100% recommended because it is not an invasive technique as is often the case with other alternatives to treat this type of wrinkles that require injections.

The enemy: wrinkles around the lips

The wrinkles that appear on the upper lip are called laugh lines but they are not only the product of your easiest moments but also reveal the passage of time. They usually occur from the end of the nose and descend to the limits of the mouth and are signs of expression that appear over the years because the skin tissues relax and muscle tone is lost.

In addition to the years there are multiple factors that produce the barcode such as the lack of hydration of the skin, prolonged exposure to the sun, tobacco or our way of gesturing. But the main cause is that from the age of 40 we lose estrogen and that affects the orbicularis lip muscle.

Lip contour area.  (Source: Nivea)
Lip contour area. (Source: Nivea)

Although it is from the age of 40 when these wrinkles become visible, we must get down to work much earlier to anticipate them. When you reach the age of 25, the production of collagen begins to decrease. and, by lowering the levels of this protein, the skin loses firmness and flexibility and expression wrinkles appear.

In addition to the use of cosmetics such as nasal patches, there are also tricks to prevent or hide the appearance of these wrinkles that we must take into account at bedtime:

  • Sleep on your back to avoid pressure of gravity on the cheeks.
  • Use a cover silk or satin pillow. These fabrics do not stick to the skin like cotton.
  • Massage the area when you wake up to activate blood circulation of the area.

Patches for all tastes

Among the nasolabial patches that we can find on the market, those of the firm Factor Skin 53 stand out. Among its advantages is that its active ingredients are 100% absorbed by the skin and in a prolonged way and that is why its results are faster than those of creams. In addition, when placed specifically in the area that we want to treat, they are more effective.

Its innovative technique forms a perfect microstructure that penetrates the outermost layer of the epidermis and effectively releases the active ingredients into the skin. They are completely painless patcheswhich also stand out for the quality of their ingredients as they contain active ingredients of plant and marine origin and peptides similar to botox of the highest quality.

The patches have to be colored on the skin of the clean and dry face for two hours, although its experts recommend using them throughout the night while we sleep. By using them twice a week for five weeks, we will notice a great improvement in the appearance of nasolabial wrinkles.

Nasolabial patches from Factor Skin53.  RRP: €89 (five envelopes)
Nasolabial patches from Factor Skin53. RRP: €89 (five envelopes)

In Primor Perfumeries we can find the snail slime patches of the firm Mitomo. They can be used both for the nasolabial area and for the eyes and are created with components of natural origin that manage to improve and regenerate the skin. This occurs thanks to the fact that they have EGF that produces new cells, achieving facial rejuvenation.

Patches with snail slime for eyes and lips.  RRP: €1.50
Patches with snail slime for eyes and lips of Mitomo. RRP: €1.50

The Freeman brand has different patches to use on the face and, of course, one of its proposals is specialized in wrinkles of the nasolabial fold. This product is characterized by using hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and this star ingredient is combined with nourishing peptides that help smooth the appearance of wrinkles and improve elasticity. It is recommended for all skin types.

Freeman signature nasolabial patches.  RRP: €8.95
Freeman signature nasolabial patches. RRP: €8.95

For just one euro we can find the IDC Institute patches at Druni. They are hydrogel masks that have hyaluronic acid, collagen and Vitamin C. This cocktail of ingredients achieves hydrate and fight the signs of expression that appear in the area around the lips and nose.

Nasolabial patches from IDC Institute.  RRP: €1.00
Nasolabial patches from IDC Institute. RRP: €1.00

Making the unsightly barcode disappear easily, cheaply and effectively is now possible thanks to nasolabial patches. What are you waiting for to try them?

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