Natalia Barulich shows off her great body in a ‘hot’ video in the jacuzzi

The radiant and popular influencer, Natalia Barulichhas paralyzed all her followers on social networks, by showing her attractive and delicate figure as God brought her into the world, leaving more than one speechless.

The American model and ex-girlfriend of the Colombian singer’Maluma‘ he shared on his personal account on Instagram, the film where you can see how he enjoys a relaxing bath in his jacuzzi while soaking his natural figure with water, showing his most mischievous side.

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“Postcards from the most beautiful weekend in @MondrianShoreditch,” he wrote.

After making said video viral, the responses and reactions from his nearly four million followers on Instagramoverflowing his admiration for the life of the American model Natalia Barulich with countless compliments about her beauty.

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