Natalia Téllez and the pressure of being a mother

Natalia Téllez.  (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

Natalia Tellez. (Photo by Media and Media / Getty Images)

Natalia Téllez is used to the eye of the hurricane. Everything he does is subject to public assessment. Not only his work on the screen, as one would expect, but also what he shares with his followers on social networks. Perhaps few questions have been as strong as the one related to her three-month-old daughter Emilia, of whom she has decided not to show her face in any of the photos that she makes public.

The situation was incomprehensible to her followers, but she herself has taken it upon herself to clarify her behavior while giving a white glove slap to the numerous armchair experts who claim the right to tell her how she should raise her daughter. In talk for the show Divine NetTéllez expressed his feelings: “I already got angry on Instagram, because they see that I get hooked. It’s that now everyone… ‘show your baby, show your baby’ and when I show my baby’s foot (they say) ‘what a long nail, what a small foot, what a dirty sock’. Gentlemen, how am I going to teach my baby, how the hell are they?

Although on her own initiative the presenter has thought about making her daughter’s face known, she stated that the negative comments lead her to avoid it. In addition to the constant requests, which have rather become demands, the interpreter has to read comments of various kinds about her motherhood; she receives advice that may well be sincere, but also other comments in which, in her opinion, people simply seek to show knowledge.

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“They are always screwing the first time. There is cool advice. I know how to recognize, in my enormous ignorance, when it is useful advice from someone who loves you and when it is moral superiority. Already! I don’t want to teach my baby because everything I’ve taught how they fuck,” complained Téllez, who received the support of his program partners Daniela Magun, Consuelo Duval and Paola Rojas.

The program, which focused on the theme of motherhood with regard to the proximity of May 10, delivered a revelation that surprised the public: Natalia Téllez who thought about leaving Mexico and leaving her daughter since she did not know if she was ready to assume a responsibility of that magnitude. “Chen Emilia was born, I had her one day at night, and during the day it was a very difficult day, very difficult: the milk, the baby, connected, the hormone, and I said: ‘What is happening?’ So, very late at night, I went to see how much money I had in the bank and, in fact, I called to ask how much I could withdraw and in a kind of panic attack I thought to leave. I thought this was real.”

Téllez during a press conference for 'Veiteañera, Divorciada y Fantastica'  in 2018. (Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

Tellez during a press conference for ‘Veinteañera, Divorciada y Fantastica’ in 2018. (Carlos Tischler/Getty Images)

Téllez came to think that he could not educate his daughter in the best way, and that is why the best thing would be for him to completely leave that responsibility to his partner, Antonio Zabala. “I said: ‘Antonio is a great man and if I leave the country at this time, that is, I leave Mexico and move away from the Net, I leave them a letter, I write to my sister and I go to another country. He is going to raise my girl lovingly and tenderly and I can’t do this,” she was honest.

Her broadcast partners told her that these types of thoughts were common after childbirth. Téllez showed a lot of openness when touching on the fundamental aspects of her motherhood, a process that has been full of questions that she has already taken charge of facing. Perhaps, in future occasions, people will think twice before assuming the role of experts in Téllez’s personal life.


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