Natalie Portman and her impressive physical change in “Thor: Love and Thunder”

In the Marvel and UCM universe, Thor’s muscles have always been the subject of comment. This time, however, it is not those of the attractive actor Chris Hemsworth who have gone viral, but those of Natalie Portman, master of style on the red carpets, giving life to Jane Foster on her return to the saga. Tiredness of the male icon or notable change in the factory? The reality is that more and more female characters displace male characters And if you’re going to be a superhero and walk into the gym until you come out chiseled, why not rip off a woman’s biceps? Everyone has to go through training that makes them seem invincible and, you are going to check it out, Natalie Portman has become a goddess with very powerful arms capable of lifting Thor’s hammer.

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in "Thor: Love and Thunder".

Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth in “Thor: Love and Thunder.”Frame of the trailer.

Little remains of the warrior Padm Amidala who Natalie Portman brought to life at the end of the nineties in the phantom menace from the Star Wars saga. Her body, despite representing a female figure in struggle, has gone from being the classic female silhouette to a much more elaborate version with protruding muscles. A few hours ago the second trailer for Thor: Love and Thunderthe fourth installment about the hero brought back to life by Chris Hemsworth, and the actress’s body have gone viral.

when does it premiere Thor: Love and Thunder?

There are weeks to go before this new movie about the god of thunder arrives on the billboard (July 8) and we can’t wait to see Natalie Portman’s character back in action. The last time the actress played Jane Foster was nine years ago, in Thor: The Dark World, second installment of the saga. Although it appeared in Endgame (2019), technically a new interpretation was not necessary for it. At that time, Taika Waititi, director of the third installment, promised that this female character would reappear and, with Thor: Love and Thunder has made it through the front door. Jane Foster be worthy of wielding the famous hammer Mjolnir of Thor, acquire her powers and become the powerful Lady Thor, a new example of how the female gender is also gaining ground in the superhero factory and on the big screen.

In this new Thor movie, the character of Jane Foster will be instrumental in bringing the stories of Marvel comics to the big screen. Along with her, a not insignificant cast among which stand out Tessa Thompson playing Valkyrie, Christian bale embodying the villainous Gorr, Butcher of the Gods, and Russell Crowe as the god Zeus and the team of guardians of the galaxy composed of Chris Pratt, Karen Gillan, Pom Klementieff, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel.

Natalie Portman’s physical transformation to Thor: Love and Thunder

When her return to the Thor universe was announced, reprising her role as Jane Foster, the actress had to wade through questions about her body such as whether she would become as strong and muscular as your partner Chris Hemsworth. In 2020, shortly after the news broke that Natalie Portman was returning to the cast in the saga, the actress joked about such an idea: “I have the carb load, but not the exercise part”, he explained during a direct on Instagram Live with Serena Williams. In view of the results, it is impossible to think that she has not been crushing herself in the gym to get those impressive biceps (which is the little that transcends the movie trailer).

frame of the tr

Still from the trailer for “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

With the Asgardian armor in between, it is true that it generates more impact, but it is enough to see Tessa Thompson and Natalie Portman sitting together in the same sequence to realize that the production team has gotten the batteries with the training of both. In all this time she has not transcended anything of the exercises or the diet that she has followed to achieve that physical change, but without a doubt she has a very demanding work of strength with weights behind her.

The change is impressive and that the trailer only allows us to look at its arms, does not give more time. Some venture to say that they are not even real but a prosthesis, but in view of the appearance of her co-star, we bet that Natalie Portman has tried her best to get into the role of Lady Thor.

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