Natalie Portman catches the eye in a Dior dress and bracelet sandals

A Natalie Portman We’ve seen her jump off a dock into the depths of the sea, drive a pink convertible and climb into a helicopter as a runaway bride. Each of the scenes have belonged to the short films of the fragrances in which Miss Dior has inspired us through the image of a brave woman and, at the same time, vulnerable in the face of love.

In each frame, the bulky dresses of the firm led by the creative director, Maria Grace Chiuri, have been the center of attention, and the design that protagonist of the black swan, Natalie Portmanhas chosen for his last appearance, has not been the exception.

After his recent presentation at the premiere of the pachinko seriessporting a sophisticated mini-dress of Magda Butrym of intense red color, the ambassador of the Parisian firm attended the opening of Miss Dior Millefiori Garden Pop-Upthe aromatic experience that the brand celebrates in the city of Los Angeles, California.

Natalie Portman wears a sophisticated black lace dress and bracelet sandals

Natalie Portman wears a dress from Dior’s Autumn-Winter 2022 collection.

Donato Sardella/Getty Images

For the occasion, the Oscar winner evokes the image of the character in the Darren Aronofsky film that gave him the award in Black Swan (2010)wearing a black dress belonging to the collection of Fall 2022 from Diorpresented at the Tuileries Palace during the recent Paris Fashion Week.

The designwhich resonates within the dresses that are trending in 2022it is worth the lace and a wink from lingerie on display to convey sensuality, freedom and delicacy, creating volume with gathered details on the shoulders, a body fitted to the waist, and a voluminous fall of the skirt through which the transparencies of the romantic fabric.

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