Natalie Portman defends herself against ‘extreme dangers’ attacks in matière d’image corporelle

The social pressure placed on women by those who view the parfait body as “extremely dangerous”, Natalie Portman has said.

The 43-year-old actress says the pressure on social media is intense. Avoid it to protect yourself.

Natalie Portman, who weighs 90 pounds and played a ballerina in the 2010 psychological thriller Black Swan, has spoken out against social threats in the meat industry.

He told Grazia: “It’s very difficult. The problem is that perhaps the car is the ultimate danger.”

Lorsqu’on he required a comment she lives with this press, the Oscar-winning star responded: “Don’t talk about social networks, don’t listen to me. »

Natalie Portman is a clear déjà vu, which is a brutal passion for ballet and hours of hard work, which were the effects for the embodiment of Nina Sayers in Darren Aronofsky’s film, which involves not only the emotional physique but also the psyche. She said in the Daily Mail in 2011: “This is plus the difficulties that say that I live with you. I love to shoot my and my memes, most of all with this film, I am not in this case. I can not leave. You are combing, working 16 hours a day. Je jouais presque selon “la method” sans en avoir l’intention”.

In 2022, he will talk about the challenges he will face to prepare to play Lady Thor in the Marvel film Thor: Love and Thunder. Elle’s available actors told Variety: “Pour Black Swan, on my demand, also the smallest, which is possible. Ici, on my demand to become as great as possible. It is an incredible défi, as well as an état d’esprit of a woman. “

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