Natalie Portman: Fun Facts About The Thor Actress

The present day, June 9, born Israeli actress naturalized in the United States, Natalie Portman, being considered one of the most influential actresses in the Hollywood industry. She, in addition to being an activist, director, producer and winner of an Oscar for Best Actress.

It is currently one of the few actresses to have won four of the most important film awards such as the Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards in the category of Best Actress.

As we know, Natalie Portman debuted in the French film The perfect assassin 1994 and while she was pursuing her career as an actress, during the filming of starwars He entered Harvard University, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a Ph.D. in educational psychology from Yale.

However, they are not the only interesting facts about the life of this famous actress, who will soon return to the big screen as one of the protagonists of the film. Thor: Love and Thunder. then meet some fun facts you probably didn’t know about Natalie Portman:

is polyglot

Natalie Portman fluent in several languages ​​besides Hebrew (your native language), speaks fluent English, Spanish, German, Japanese and French. In addition, she is rated as one of the celebrities with an IQ of 140, the average person is between 85 and 115.

I didn’t know the difference between ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’

A few years ago, Natalie Portman confessed in an interview that before getting his role in the franchise of starwarsI knew absolutely nothing about the movies.admitted that he used to confuse starwars with star trek.

It is vegetarian

the actress of the black swan, at only 8 years old and of her own free will she decided to follow a plant-based dietover time, has returned to include eggs and milk in their diet, but making sure that these two products come from animals that have not suffered any animal abuse.

She is a dancer

From the age of 4 to 13, Natalie Portman practiced ballet, tap and jazz. In 2010 when she was offered the role of Nina Sayers in black swan either the black swan, She resumed her training as a dancer. According to director Darren Aronofsky, 80% of ballet scenes belong to Natalie Portman.

He is friends with several celebrities.

After sharing the recording set with her fellow actors, Natalie Portman retains many of her friendships, his famous friends include Reese Witherspoon, Rashida Jones, Jake GyllenhaalJimmy Fallon, Liv Tyler, Susan Sarandon, Mila Kunis and Ashley Judd.


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