Natalie Portman Had the Most ‘Random’ Way to Get Discovered (And She’s Not the Only Awkward One)

Sometimes actors and actresses are discovered in strange ways. It is a fact, told by more than one talent scouts or even the artist himself as to how, without any prior notice, he entered the world of acting. There are actors whose careers take off slowly and who get the role of a lifetime after several projects and their rise to fame, but sometimes it doesn’t happen. today we will talk specialAbout how Natalie Portman was discovered by a talent scout, but not exactly from the acting world, but from another. However, we will not be limited to just talking about them, because there are many interesting stories in the incredible world of Hollywood, which may seem more impressive than one.

This is how Natalie Portman was discovered modeling

Yes, Natalie Portman did not start her career as an actress, she started as a model. This is quite a unique story. When Natalie Portman was 11, she was spotted at a pizzeria by a Revlon representative. He saw the potential in her to make covers and become a role model. Offers from the representative immediately began, and Natalie Portman’s mother could not refuse.

Already once in the world of modeling, the young lady realized that this was not her world. Image Care Posing for pictures that went into magazines was not his hobby, But he became interested in something else: acting. There was a growing appreciation for the art, and he began attending all kinds of auditions, though without luck. However, after trying his luck, in 1993 he gave him his first role in “Leon: El Professional”, where he performed remarkably. This opened more doors for her and as the years went by, she landed even bigger roles, such as Padme in ‘Star Wars: Episode 1’.

Other actors discovered through interesting anecdotes

Let’s talk about Johnny Depp, the great Captain Sparrow was different from Natalie Portman. He didn’t want to be an actor, his passion was music and he wanted to be successful in it. However, it was Nicolas Cage himself (a friend of his) who encouraged him to audition for the famous slasher film “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. As we know, he was given the role. In case you don’t remember, Johnny Depp starred in the famous Freddy Krueger’s first film.

Harrison Ford was lucky too, His dream was to become an actor, so he moved to Hollywood to pursue his dream, but it didn’t go well, so he had to turn to carpentry to make a living. He had a small role in George Lucas’ film, but had to continue in the role of Carpenter. However, one day, George Lucas saw Ford designing a set for Star Wars, and recommended that he audition for the role of Han Solo. As we know, then George Lucas was able to play the role of Luke Skywalker’s companion, and made a name for himself in Hollywood, later becoming the famous Indiana Jones.

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