Natalie Portman on shooting one of her best movies: ‘I literally thought I was going to die’

The famous actress has gone through big productions like Thor or Star Wars, but she still remembers (with bittersweet feelings) the filming of one of her best works.

Natalie Portman’s name is one of the most famous names in Hollywood, especially in the last decade. The Israeli actress has taken part in films of significant importance, such as the three prequels star wars ,like padme, the revenge or franchise thor Of UCM.

They are his most recognized and successful films at the box office. However, Natalie Portman What characterizes her is that she is a versatile actress, who also chooses more independent cinema.

However, it is not a super-popular film Yes, this is one of the best works that we find in the filmography of the actress, Furthermore, its director is part of that small group of “misunderstood” due to both the rigor and complexity of his films.

This director is none other than darren aronofskyResponsible for films like Requiem for a Dream (2000), Mother (2017) or recent The Whale (2022),

At the beginning of the last decade, in December 2010, Aronofsky delivered a film that is as bright as it is dark, exploring a variety of themes. In the photo of Nina SayersPlayed by Natalie Portman.

The difficult filming of Black Swan

Natalie Portman

black Swan is one of them Darren Aronofsky’s best films, and certainly one of the most complex works of Natalie Portman’s entire career. It’s not for everyone, but it’s worth seeing once in a lifetime.

The film deals with the difficulties of achieving a dream, the frustration of not being able to achieve it, or even the betrayal of what one believes to be one’s way… incorporating the themes of the ballet.

natalie portman plays Nina Sayers, a young woman who struggles to fulfill her dream as a dancer In a prestigious academy in New York. However, every day he faces high pressure… that will change him forever.

filming of black Swan At least it can be said that it was complicated. Not only because of the low budget (there was no Doctor Who during production), but also because The exhaustion the actors had to endure.

black Swan

Natalie Portman has opened up, admitting this in an interview (via Fandom Wire I thought I was going to die…literally,

,There were some nights when I literally felt like I was going to die. This was the first time I understood how you can get so engrossed in a role that it can wear you down.,

The main reason Portman had to do this lose weight up to 9 kg To play the role of Nina. She has always been a slim and physically fit actress, but it was not enough.

Charge of the Indian Horsemen - Private Wilhelm (Ralph Brooks) - The Wilhelm Cry

In black Swan, Nina eventually succumbed to the pressure, which was reflected physically on the actress’ body. And if that wasn’t enough, During filming he dislocated a rib while filming a scene,

you’ve seen black Swan, Do you think it’s better than this? Aronofsky’s latest works As whale one of two Mother, As far as Natalie Portman is concerned, we’re hoping to see her back in Star Wars, even if it’s in the form of a flashback in one of the series being produced by Disney Plus.

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