Natalie Portman talks about the similarities between psychology and acting

Natalie Portman believed that comedy and psychology were “three similarities.”

The May-December actress took a break from her career to pursue a degree in psychology at Harvard University, and she thought she had a background in two surveillance disciplines under her belt.

A survey on the usefulness of a son graduated in son of labor was announced in the Radio Times magazine: “I think it is very similar – for acting, in an essay d’imaginer pourquoi les gens Font les chooses Qu’ ils font et ce qui les forme . La Psychologie est une pratique très similaire. “La première chose qu’ils enseignent, c’est l’observation – il s’agit d’observer les gens, de remarquer les schémas, les comportements.”

In December in May, Natalie plays the role of Elizabeth, an actress who is preparing to play a role in the film.

Elle ajoute: “This is a classic of literature and theater. When he reads Chekhov, he demands that the narrative not be on the train of will la vie des gens. Je pense que tout artiste doté d’un cœur.” et d’une âme se remet en question. Suis-je en train de voler de vraies personnes pour nourrir mon art – comme un vampire? Cela peut être vampirique, but I thought that qu’on peut l’aborder d’une manière plus généreuse, plus sympathy and an essayist representing the life that is, and that essay de voleur about the life that is.”

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