Natalie Portman Thor muscle style in daily life? It does NOT look like that!

In recent years, Natalie Portman has trained very hard for the next film of Thor: love and thunder and she has developed her muscles, but from that to seeing her posing in front of the mirror showing off her super defined abdomen and arms is another ticket. If you saw a photo that shows it like this, we have news for you: It’s a manipulated image!

It is true that our great Natalie Portman will play Jane Foster in her version of mighty thorand her condition and strength are incredible, but if you see the image of the actress wearing a white top, with a navel piercing and showing off her muscles… well, it’s not her!

Look: Natalie Portman lifts Mjolnir! This is how Jane Foster became Mighty Thor

“There’s no way I could like Natalie Portman any more,” said a social media user who shared the manipulated image.

This misinformation arose since the actress began recording Thor: love and thunder and, to achieve his character, he underwent a rigorous training regimen.

Check out the movie trailer at 01:24 minutes:

How do we know it’s not a real photo?

To find out its authenticity, Google’s reverse image tool was used and we verified that it was actually manipulated.

It was previously shared on the platform pinterest and has been tagged in their sections of girls with muscles and fitness.

The original image was uploaded by a girl who performs bodybuilding:


In addition, there is an important difference in the viral image: Natalie Portman has a mole on her right cheek, but this photo does not show it.

And in case you had any doubt, our black swan currently looks like this, in her most recent photo:

In conclusion: the photo of a girl showing her arm muscles and her abdomen does not correspond to Natalie Portman.

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