Natalie Portman’s most chic bag

There are bags in life that are iconic and irreplaceable, an accessory that is certainly worth investing in at least once in your life; the truth is that the profitability of one of them is usually much higher than with the rest of the accessories that you use on a daily basis.

Most luxury brands know this, which is why each season they reinvent their most iconic and traditional bags to give them a twist and make you dying to have one. This is precisely what Natalie Portman has done: she has fallen in love with a bag that she does not let go of even to go to the supermarket.


Portman simply does not leave this room, whether it is to walk her pet, to go to a dinner with her husband, to go to the supermarket or to the airport.



While the celeb loves the Dior signature and has shown off several as she walks the streets of Los Angeles, her favorite is a custom Dior Book Tote inspired by a Marc Bohan sketch. This line of bags is characterized by displaying the initials all over the `Oblique Canvas´ in a striking black and gray bichrome.
The bag comes in different versions: a large silhouette (42 x 35 cm), a medium (36 x 2.5) and a small (26.5 x 14). Other variations also exist, such as an even smaller one to carry your phone or small accessories.

To whom it may concern

In short, and very simply, Natalie Portman gives us a lesson in style with one of those bags that have no expiration date, complementing it with skinny jeans and a black t-shirt, and adding Carey brand sunglasses.

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