Natasha Araos defends herself after strong criticism for not being with her ex-husband Chyno Miranda at this time

In the last days Chyno Miranda has been occupying some headlines in the world of entertainment since they presume that his current state of health is not good. In the middle of last year, the singer was infected with covid-19 and was left with certain consequences that continue to take their toll on him, and that is encephalitis.

After going through various delicate health circumstances, his ex-wife was with him taking care of him. Later, both gave a statement in which they explained that although they did not continue together as a couple, she did so because she was the father of her little son.

However, currently the story is completely different and he has received strong criticism for not being with him right now. Thus, was forced to defend himself from all negative comments that you have received. In addition, he asked that they respect his healing process.

“Understand that he is focused right now on improving another area of ​​his life that is not physical. That’s over and it’s gotten better. Leave him alone, God willing, he’ll soon be back.“, he explained.

He added that surely within a few days the relatives of Jesus will clarify everything that has happened. He stressed that he does not consider it prudent that they believe that his state of health is deteriorating only because he has not given personal statements.

“Maybe mommy Alcira will come out denying everything, but enough of surrounding Jesus with negative news and saying that he is dying simply because he does not go out and has not published anything “added in response to one of his followers on the social network Instagram.

Recently his former partner, Nacho, spoke about the condition that Miranda is going through and that is that he gave an exclusive to the television program ‘Hoy Día’ and expressed: “He is focused on his 100% recovery. (A cousin of his) gave me very good news, he told me that he was making good progress in his recovery, that they were noticing positive changes that he had not noticed before.

Chyno is fine. The press has said things that are not true and we only ask that you respect them. The family is focused on his recovery. When (the family) understands, more details of his condition will be given, ”explained the manager of the 37-year-old singer.

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