Nathan Fielder, Emma Stone Spoof Glen Powell-Sydney Sweeney Trailer

that was quick! On Friday, in the trailer for his Showtime series curseNathan Fielder and Emma Stone parody a video starring Sidney Sweeney and Glen Powell promoting their romantic comedy anyone except you,

Dressed similarly to Sweeney and Powell in their ad posted the day before, Stone began the introduction by asking the audience to “watch the trailer for my new show,” before Fielder responded, “My The show satirically depicts the pair’s lack of chemistry.

At the end of the video, Stone says, “Check out the trailer Our show curse Better now?” Fielder responded, before rolling his eyes and saying “Enjoy”, just like Sweeney did in the original version of the video.

We do not intend to interpret the joke but the entertainment is as silly as the plot curse is quite different from anyone except you, Fielder and Stone’s dark comedy depicts the downfall of an HGTV-esque couple after being cursed, while Powell and Sweeney’s film, arriving December 22, is a rom-com. led by anyone except you You’ve seen Powell and Sweeney make newspaper headlines due to rumors of an affair between the actors. (He recently addressed the rumors men’s Health Cover up, call them “inappropriate”.)

Several hours after sharing the troll and the trailer, Fielder posted a Notes-app-written statement addressing the “similarities” between the trailer introduction, joking that it was actually anyone except you The team copied curse,

He wrote, “I want to be very clear – we shot this promo six months ago, and I am seriously concerned that the marketing team at Sony Pictures somehow saw our promo and copied it.” “I won’t be taking legal action personally, but I can’t speak for Paramount+ or Showtime.”

Fielder continued by saying that he had given his “unwavering confidence” to the creative team and that he believed the play was “completely original and not derived from competing projects or AI.”

“It is unfortunate that Sydney, Glenn, Emma and I have been put in this position,” he concluded his note. “But that won’t stop us from supporting each other’s successes, and I know Emma and I will both be booking front row seats.” anyone except you Opening night.”

anyone except you Shared a trailer on Thursday. The film features two Hollywood stars at a destination wedding where love is in the air – and so is their disdain for each other.

Sweeney and Powell’s characters – Bea and Ben – are old flames (or one-night-standers) who decide that, for mutually beneficial reasons, they should get married while pretending to be madly in love with each other. The duration of the journey should be spent.


operated by easy a-Director Will Gluck, anyone except you It has been described as a modernization of Shakespeare. much Ado About NothingHence the characters’ names moving away from Benedick and Beatrice.

Meanwhile, the 10-episode Showtime series (also streaming on Paramount+) curse This is the twisted story of a New Mexico home wrecker couple whose lives begin to unravel after they are cursed. The second episode of the series aired on Thursday.

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