Nathanael Cano puts diamonds in his teeth and shows them off on social networks

Once again the controversial Nathanael Cano unveiled one of his new eccentricities, and that is that on this occasion a modification was made to his face, specifically in his teeth.

The always controversial interpreter of “lying down corridos” wrote “Don’t kill me” on his social networks, along with the series of photographs he shared with his fans, in the graphs you can see the diamonds in the teeth, that now Natanael Cano shows off his smile.

The reactions from the public were immediate, people in addition to reacting to the diamonds, the fans wrote that they were very desperate for the new album that the Sonoran is working on.

One of the artists who reacted to his new publication was Alejandro Fernández “El Potrillo”, it should be noted that Natanael Cano and the son of Vicente Fernández performed a duet together, it is the song “Amor lying down”.

Other projects that have become popular in the voice of “Nata” are: “Porte exuberant”, “El drip”, “Arriba”, “I come from the neighborhood”, “Green bales”, “That’s how my life touched” and ” I think of her” to name a few.

The exotic tastes of Nathanael Cano

The 20-year-old does not hesitate to pose with his luxury cars or ride an extreme sport motorcycle that he practices. Nathanael Cano also plays golf, he has been photographed at various times while he is in exclusive courses.

Another thing that Natanael Cano spares no expense is in clothes, the interpreter of “Diamond”has been seen on several occasions inside exclusive brand stores and also leaving full of bags.

Tattoos are part of Natanael Cano’s style, which has been heavily criticized for the lyrics of his songs, his way of acting and dressing, and his budget for filling his body with drawings.

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