National Award for the Institute of Tropical Medicine of Cuba

“In order to recognize the results of research that stand out in the country, the plenary agreed to award one of the Annual Awards for the year 2021 to the result of scientific research called: The IPK and its scientific and technical contribution to confronting the pandemic. of Covid-19”, underlines the document.

The IPK -which is the main executing entity- worked in coordination with the Center for Advanced Studies of Cuba, University of Havana, Ministry of Public Health, Provincial Center of Hygiene, Epidemiology and Microbiology of Havana, Villa Clara and Santiago de Cuba.

The Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, the Hermanos Ameijeiras Surgical Clinical Hospital, the Civil Defense Scientific Research Center, the National Center for Biopreparations, the Dr. Luis Díaz Soto Central Military Hospital, the Dr. Salvador Allende Surgical Clinical Teaching Hospital and the Immunoassay Center.

The list includes the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences, the Center for Population and Development Studies, the National Office of Statistics and Information, the Center for Psychological and Sociological Research, the La Pradera International Health Center, and the Havana Provincial Health Directorate.

The IPK was founded in 1937 by Professor Pedro Kourí, and throughout these years it achieved international recognition for its numerous relevant results and awards for its researchers.

At the national level, he is the highest authority in the disciplines of Microbiology, Parasitology, Tropical Medicine, and Clinical and Epidemiology of Communicable Diseases.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Cuba, the IPK has carried out effective work in the diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19.

Another important activity of the IPK due to its impact was the preparation of central laboratories in other provinces for the study of the samples collected to detect the presence of Covid-19, without abandoning its responsibility as the guiding center for these investigations and diagnoses.

The IPK initially trained more than seven thousand professionals in virology, specific signs and symptoms of this high-risk and rapidly spreading disease.

As a research institute with extensive experience, all this medical care, diagnosis, and referral work allowed it to develop care, virological diagnosis, and biosafety protocols to combat Covid-19.

The IPK’s work made it possible to better organize health services, anticipate the severity of contagion, use the most effective medications, and adopt the best international protocols.


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