“National Games in Pereira will be a reality, the works are advancing”: Mayor Carlos Maya

Mayor Carlos Maya gave a peace of mind regarding the progress of works on the stages of the 2023 National and Paranational Games, corresponding to Pereira. “Pereira has no difficulties in this regard. Each and every one of the construction processes for sports venues have been awarded.

In the Parque Metropolitano del Café there are two that are underway and the city will continue advancing with these works to guarantee the completion of the National and Paranational Games”. Regarding the resources for these works, Mayor Maya stressed that they are guaranteed and that they come from an inter-administrative agreement between the National Government, the Risaralda Governor’s Office and the Pereira Municipality.

In the Parque Metropolitano del Café, work has already begun on the multipurpose court for basketball, mini-soccer and volleyball – and the synthetic court.

The kiosk is also maintained; As for the sand volleyball court (beach volleyball) and rugby, the works have already been awarded and are about to start. Even the mayor Carlos Maya was willing to host disciplines from neighboring cities that may be at risk, counting on the endorsement of the National Government and the necessary investment. “Together we are more and we are willing to work as a team”.

During his speech, he reaffirmed that the modernization of the aquatic complex of the Olympic Village, as well as the modernization of the Major and Minor Coliseums, the construction of new rugby, beach volleyball, tennis and archery fields are awarded bidding processes to date, which will advance in works in January 2023.

Additionally, the road maintenance of the Olympic Village has already begun, with which the participants and the public attending these events will be able to enter in their vehicles without any inconvenience to venues such as Skate Park, Olympic Pools, Hernán Ramírez Villegas Stadium and the tennis courts. tennis, said mayor Carlos Maya.


Mayor Carlos Maya made the announcements during a tour he took in the Parque Metropolitano del Café, with representatives of the media to verify the progress of works for the 2023 National Games.

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Publication date 01/05/2023

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