National Nursing Manifestation in June

The Spanish Nursing has joined in one voice with Nursing Unit, an alliance between all areas of the profession that was born with the aim of fighting and transferring its main demands to public administrations. One of the first actions that the platform could carry out is a nationwide rally. A massive protest to show the “fed up” of Nursing which, according to industry sources explained to Medical Writingcould be held next month June. However, these same sources maintain that the proposal continues to be “outlined”, for which reason it is still “nothing closed”.

Press conference to present the ‘Nurse Unit’ platform.

About this protest Manuel Helmetspresident of the Nursing Union (Satse), has indicated that a meeting will be held this Wednesday between the five entities that make up the Nursing Unit in which the priority issues, as well as the actions that will be launched. “Within these initiatives, previously analyzed and valued, yes, there is the possibility of expressing publicly the positioning and demand of Nursing”, he underlined.

The attacks on health professionals, the reclassification of nurses to group A of the Administration or the new skills of professionals are some of the aspects highlighted by the president of the nurses’ union as “priority” in the agenda of Spanish Nursing.

The General Nursing Council (CGE), the nursing union (Satse), the National Association of Nursing Executives (ANDE), the National Conference of Deans of Nursing (CNDE), the Nursing Scientific Societies and the State Association of Nursing Students (AEEE) are part of the new Nursing Unit alliance, whose principles and actions were presented this Wednesday at a press conference.

Florentino Pérez, president of the General Nursing Council; together with Manuel Cascos, president of Satse.

Change of model in health care

Florentino Perez Raya He was the first to take the floor to read the Nursing Unit manifesto. The president of the CGE has stressed that, in the face of new challenges and commitments, the unity of the entire profession is “essential”: “The new profile of the patient and the sociodemographic characteristics, in which a increased chronicityrequires a change in the model in which it will be necessary to promote Nursing care to improve people’s quality of life”, Pérez Raya pointed out.

A new model in which, according to the president of the CGE, will be fundamental “promote” the care work and care of nurses to promote the health, well-being and improvement of people’s quality of life.

The president of the nurses has assured that the alliance is determined to show unity before the different administrations. “We are responsible for care by law”has underlined.

On the other hand, Christina Monforte, president of the National Conference of Deans of Nursing (CNDE), has celebrated that “finally” this joint position has become a reality. “In the CNDE We ensure quality teaching to train future nurses and research. We promote the visibility of the research carried out by Nursing teachers”, he remarked in his intervention.

A single voice for Spanish Nursing

For its part, Pilar Lozano, president of the State Association of Nursing Students (AEEE), has highlighted the creation of this space “where we are going to take care of ourselves. A space that not only takes into account a specific area of ​​the profession, but also where healthcare, teachers, managers and researchers come together, and not only professionals, but also take students into account. Therefore, what is being created is something totally groundbreaking taking into account all the nurses of the present and the future who want the best for the profession”, she has pointed out.

And it is that, as you have added Aracely Santos, representative of the Scientific Nursing Societies, “in Spain we are an army of nurses who were in the trenches in the pandemic war, but now we have one voice. Our commitment is to give the entire society the best care, as we have always done despite the obstacles”.

Blanca Fernandez, secretary of the National Association of Nursing Directors (ANDE), has assured that they will continue to bet on managing nurses so that they are present in all areas. “The health system has to change. We have to focus on people, on their needs and care in order to add value to citizens,” she added.

The last to speak was Manuel Helmets, who has remarked that, for the first time in the history of Nursing, the profession is united in a single voice for all representative spaces. The president of the nurses’ union has shown “illusion” and “commitment” to the created alliance and has stated that they will announce their next steps.

“We are aware of the step we are taking today. Everyone has recognized the role of nurses in the pandemic, except for the CCAA, the Ministry of Health, the Congress of Deputies and, of course, the political parties, which are the what they have to guarantee a quality SNS“, It is finished.

Raúl Sánchez, Director of Communication at Satse; Óscar López, Director of Medical Writing Publications; and Íñigo Lapetra, Director of Communication of the General Nursing Council.

Araceli Santos, president of Occupational Nursing; and Pilar Fernández, vice president of the General Nursing Council.

Blanca Fernández, secretary of ANDE; and Diego Ayuso, general secretary of the General Nursing Council.

Manuel Cascos poses with José Luis Cobos, Vice President III of the General Nursing Council.

Rafael Reig, general secretary of the Union Action of the Nursing Union; Laura Villaseñor, general secretary of Satse Organization; and Pilar Lozano, president of the State Association of Nursing Students.

Jesús Sanz, president of ANDE; and Blanca Fernandez.

Íñigo Lapetra, Director of Communication of the General Nursing Council, during the presentation of the ‘Nurse Unit’ platform.

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