Natti Natasha perrea and dedicates a song to Raphy Pina

A few days after posting to your account Instagram some videos in which he appeared outside the federal prison in Guaynabo “visiting” his partner raphy pinathe reggaeton Natti Natasha He used the same social network to twerk and dedicate a song to the music producer.

“I finished the song and I lost it while I dedicate it to him,” the reggaeton artist wrote on Instagram where she appears dancing to the new song “Mayor que tú” that she sings with Daddy Yankee and Wisin y Yandel.

The Dominican moved to the music while singing the part of her song that she dedicated to the father of her daughter who is serving a 41-month federal sentence for illegal weapons possession.

In the clip it is observed that Natti wears a chain with the letter R.

Last week Natti Natasha reappeared on the social network Instagram, in the format of stories, to share with her followers images of what appears to be her daily commitment to her life partner, Raphy Pina, who is serving a sentence in federal prison in Guaynabo.

The urban music artist published a series of stories that place her in the vicinity of the prison institution.

“My date every night”, establishes the first message set to music with the theme of his repertoire, “Another world”, whose lyrics say: “I think of you / how you think of me / tell me if you want it to come to him / or you come until here / and we escape and land in another world… always with my mind I call you / daddy when you want we go”.

Shortly after Pina’s sentence was announced on May 24 for violations of the federal weapons law, Natti Natasha deleted the photos posted on her Instagram. Since then, she had only uploaded a couple of stories, basically to republish the messages from her daughter’s father, in which she gave the address to write to the prison.

The singer continued to support her fiancé during the trial process and subsequent sentencing. On the few occasions that she has spoken out about the situation, she reaffirmed her trust in him.

After accompanying him to surrender to the federal authorities in court, he told the press: “He is a brave man, a champion and no matter what has happened in this whole process, which is still missing, the man you saw today, that you see Every day, he is that man that he always teaches on (social) networks, a family man, a man of faith, a responsible man, and this is yet another test that we are going to pass.”

Pina was sentenced to three years and five months in jail. His defense is currently asking the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit in Boston to be allowed to serve on bail while trying to reverse the guilty verdict against him.

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