Natti Natasha visits every night the surroundings of the prison where Raphy Pina is being held

After several days away from social networks, Natti Natasha reappeared to share with his more than 35 million followers that every night he takes a walk around the Guaynabo Metropolitan Detention Center, where he is secluded his partner Raphy Pina.

“My date every night,” he wrote about a video from the vicinity of the prison institution. She also shared another image in which she forms a half heart while the prison is seen in the background.

“In the same place, same time”, he wrote in another video and “Always here, my champion.”

Although the Dominican artist attends the prison every day, she cannot see Pina, since the center has all visits suspended until further notice, according to her website.

It is recalled that Judge Francisco Besosa sentenced Pina Nieves to 41 months in prison, having been found guilty by a jury for illegal possession of weapons of fire.

“You must also pay a fine of 150 thousand dollars. Upon his release from prison and he is subject to a 3-year probation. All his properties are subject to registration on suspicion of criminal acts, ”reported journalist Laura Quintero, who covered the trial for the Puerto Rican newspaper El Nuevo Día.

Prior to knowing the sentence, The prosecutor who accused Pina assured that the businessmanhe lacks regret” about the ownership and possession of weapons for which he was tried.

“You know what’s missing in this case. What is missing is Pina’s acceptance and repentance about the ownership and possession of those weapons and ammunition. Everything else is present,” quoted federal prosecutor José Ruiz.

It is recalled that the federal prosecutor’s office asked the court to impose a sentence of approximately four years in prison for the fiancé of the Dominican singer Natti Natasha.

Last December, a jury found the well-known music producer guilty of illegal possession of firearms, in a very mediatic case on the island whose sentence would be announced, in the first place, on April 1, 2022. However, the hearing with the information of the sentence time was delayed on several occasions until it was today that he could be celebrated.

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