Natural products to relieve the first symptoms of menopause

menopause It is a period of change and transition, changes in hormonal levels that affect physical changes that make us anxious, and can even make us feel as if it were an act.

This is too long a topic to explain, so all I mean here is Provide information about natural products Which may be useful in relieving symptoms such as mood changes or hot flashes.

There are really significant metabolic changes occurring in our body, so both medications and hormones, natural, synthetic or natural products will help these changes not be so drastic and have as natural a transition as possible.

Until a few years ago, prescribing hormone therapy (externally supplementing with hormones that have stopped being produced) had a very bad reputation because of its association with certain types of cancer, especially breast cancer. Currently, these hormones are being prescribed again as it is not possible to scientifically link this drug to the disease.

This type of treatment is called HRT, hormone replacement therapy, which is about returning to the previous situation in a certain way, by replacing the hormones that we used to produce until now and those that are not produced at the moment. It should always be prescribed by a doctor, and certainly they are a good option, but some women do not want to take hormones for different reasons, and prefer follow natural remedies,

Any treatment, whether natural or not, is always recommended for various symptomatic reasons, but also for health, such as Prevention of premature osteoporosisHigh cholesterol or other diseases, even heart disease.

To do this, some plants contain certain substances with properties similar to natural hormones and which can replace them. these are phytohormones whose chemical structure is similar to human hormones

soy isoflavones

This is the most well-known supplement and the one most used by many women. has slept one of the richest plants In isoflavones, these structures have the same shape as natural estrogens, so they take the place of these estrogens that are no longer produced during menopause.

so minimize the effects Due to lack of natural hormone, estrogen.

It is important to know that if natural hormones are prohibited for a specific reason, such as breast or endometrial cancer, soy or other plant isoflavones will also be prohibited. It would also be especially contraindicated in people with allergies to soy.

The current problem with soy and its supplements is the high amount of transgenic soy present in the market, that is why I recommend, when you want to buy a product, that we see that it is from organic farming and that it is not transgenic. soy.

There are many brands on the market, and several different dosages are recommended, ranging from 50 to 150 mg/day.

They are usually found in capsules, although sometimes in creams.

Black Cohosh or Cimifuga Racemosa

This product is currently replacing many products made from soy, as it does not present the allergy problems caused by soy or the danger of transgenic soy.

This North American and Canadian plant, especially the root, is rich in phytoestrogens, so it may also relieve short-term and long-term symptoms of menopause. According to studies, its effect is much greater than that of soy. It is also very effective for nervousness and anxiety.

The chemical components of this useful plant are triterpene glycosides and saponins, as well as flavonoids. It is found in many specific ingredients for menopause, but also in products to lose weight or prevent hair loss.

Some texts warn of possible adverse liver reactions, so it is contraindicated in people with liver failure.

Red clover or red clove (Trifolium pratense)

It is a wild legume plant, it also contains isoflavones and helps eliminate the effects of nighttime hot flashes, as well as anxiety and depression.

He red clover It is very common and found in many places. It is also a rich source of isoflavones and also contains other minerals such as calcium, magnesium, chromium, potassium and some vitamins such as vitamin C.

It typically contains about 2% percent of isoflavones derived from genistein, daidzein, biochanin, and formononetin.

Therefore, the effect is also similar to that of soy isoflavones, many specific dietary supplements to help with menopause usually contain a different mixture of isoflavones from different sources. Some studies suggest that prevent osteoporosisAnd problems related to heart accidents.

Like all other supplements containing isoflavones, they are contraindicated in people who suffer from breast cancer or uterine cancer.


Maca root is a type of brassica that has long been used to improve both male and female fertility and hormonal balance. It is native to the Andes in Peru and Bolivia, where it has been used since ancient times to improve fertility. It contains terpenoids and saponins. It acts by stimulating the hormonal system, which is why it is more suitable for pre-menopause.

However the latest studies have shown its usefulness in menopause by stimulating the hormonal system, particularly as it relates to menopausal discomfort, anxiety, depression and loss of libido.

3.5 grams daily is recommended to reduce anxiety and depression, and to help with sexual dysfunction regardless of estrogen and androgens.

dong quai

Also called Angelica sinensis, this plant is used to relieve both premenstrual and menopausal symptoms. Used for years in traditional Chinese medicine, we will usually find it together with other supplements, not alone. The plant, called ‘female ginseng’ because of its usefulness in gynecological disorders (such as painful menstruation or pelvic pain), is also used for health benefits or for child-related ailments.

Its effect is similar to natural estrogen.

Wild Yam (Dioscorea Villosa)

It is a wild plant of Mexican origin, the chemical component present in it is diosgenin. The bulb of the plant is used and it is extracted in liquid form.

This is usually a more natural alternative to estrogen therapy because its structure is similar to estrogen and DHEA, dehydroepiandrosterone can actually be the basis for its transformation into hormones in the laboratory, although in itself it does not have estrogenic effects, that is Also useful in premenstrual syndrome.

Omega 3

It seems like Omega 3 are the miracle fats that are used for everything, but the truth is that they also protect the immune system, heart and reduce inflammation, which is very important for women in the process of menopause. is important.

Some studies suggest they may reduce hot flashes and improve mood.

Omega 3 is a natural source of vitamin E and therefore a precursor to all hormones, which is why they are practically essential during menopause and highly recommended before menopause.

Although it does not reduce the effects of hot flashes, it can improve the process of chronic inflammation, bone problems, etc. increased cholesterol Blood. It acts as a precursor to prostaglandins and has a particularly pronounced effect on increasing dryness of the skin.

my recommendations

I think it is very important to take nutritional supplements whenever possible to minimize the effects of menopause. Hot flashes as well as mood disorders deprive you of good rest during the night. In the long run, we must do more Monitor the effects of osteoporosis and effects on metabolic changes such as weight gain or fluid retention.

Personally, I lean more towards products that contain a combination of natural ingredients rather than just soy.

Meritxell Marty Castanier

Meritxell Marti Castanier holds a degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Navarra in Pamplona, ​​Spain. In January 1990 he opened Farmacia Meritxell in Andorra la Vella, a reference in the field of international products. In 2019 it was awarded the prestigious iDermo Award for Best Pharmaceutical 2.0. She is the creator of her own brand of anti-aging nutritional supplements Unique Pink Collagen. She complements her work as a pharmacist with another of her great passions: giving advice on health issues.

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