NAV explains why he removed it from his album

The Canadian NAV is a true complete artist: rapper, singer, but also producer, he knows all the facets of his profession and it was seen from his first two solo albums, both certified. The fact that he worked with Drake also opened a lot of doors and over the projects he knew surround yourself with the most prestigious names, but also the most adapted to his vision of music. This week, he just revealed a brand new disc, “Demons Protected by Angels”.

An album on which we should find Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Baby, Travis Scott, Lil Durk, Don Tolliver, Future, Gunna and… Drake. Except that the latter is missing and does not appear anywhere in the project. Normal: NAV just didn’t put the featuring in the album. Guest on the Full Send Podcast, he revealed the reasons: “Drake is an amazing guy and we hang out all the time in Toronto. We did a track. I think we could have done a better track and the timing wasn’t right, it didn’t come out. […] He’s such a huge artist that I didn’t want to put the track on the album and trump everything else.”.

A statement that shocked the other people present during the podcast. But it’s probably a very good decision that NAV made (or maybe still a “Wrong Decisions”), because an album is very personal and if the sound is not that good, as an artist, it must be unthinkable to release it to stream and “eclipse” the rest of the album. But the decision must not have been easy to make!

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