Navas has already said yes, what America would have to pay to have it tomorrow

Keylor Navas
Keylor Navas

Keylor Navas has been placed on the radar of the Club America after Guillermo Ochoa surprised Mexican soccer with his departure to Salernitana in Italy. The captain of the cream-blue team decided not to renew with Fernando Ortiz’s team to have his second adventure on the Old Continent, now in Serie A.

Now the precedents give us some weight for this type of rumors, since the same Costa Rican goalkeeper commented for TUDN that he would not rule out playing in Mexican soccer. So it would not be unreasonable for Navas to see his return to the American continent as the first step in planning his retirement from soccer.

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However, America will have to pay what PSG asks for, so the database of transfer markt values ​​Navas at a value of 5 million euro. A price that would be possible for Emilio Azcárraga’s team. Therefore, it would have to adapt to Navas’ financial claims if they seek to sign him once and for all.

How much does Navas earn at PSG?

The Costa Rican goalkeeper earns around 7 million euros a year, however his contract would end until 2024. Therefore, Navas would be in the dilemma of being able to lower his economic claims to salaries that America has been able to pay, such as 4.5 million dollars that Guillermo Ochoa enjoyed with the club.

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