Naya Rivera’s father warned her not to bathe in the lake where she drowned

Naya Rivera credit: Bang Showbiz

Naya Rivera credit: Bang Showbiz

The death of Naya Rivera shocked the world of entertainment in 2020 when it was confirmed that the lifeless body of the star of ‘Glee’ had been found in Lake Piru several days after his son appeared floating adrift in a boat . The theory of the authorities is that the actress was surprised by the strong current while she was swimming and she drowned from exhaustion after managing to get the child to safety.

In a new documentary, George Rivera explains that he had a conversation with his famous daughter that same July 8 while she was enjoying a day outdoors with her 4-year-old son. Naya Facetimed him for advice on how to anchor the boat she was sailing with so she could jump into the water.

George warned him that he was not on a boat like the two of them had used together in the past, but on a pontoon, and that the first thing he had to check was whether there was some way to anchor it. Still, he wasn’t sure his daughter knew how to do it correctly, and he also noticed that it was very windy.

“I told him, ‘Don’t jump the damn ship. If you have an anchor, you can anchor it, but do you know how to do it? We went through a couple of iterations like that and then the FaceTime call hung up and that was the last time I spoke to him. her”, has revealed.

Despite the fact that he had time to warn him several times not to take a bath, he was left with a bad feeling that was confirmed hours later when the authorities called him to inform him that they had found his grandson on board a boat. boat, but that there was no sign of his daughter. George immediately got into his car to make the trip from Tennessee, where he was, to California, but he was convinced that Naya would not turn up alive no matter how good she was a swimmer.

“When I got the call in Knoxville, I knew immediately that it was over,” he says in a new documentary focusing on the alleged curse on the series ‘Glee’. “You don’t find a 5-year-old boy adrift, asleep in a boat at the end of a lake without his mother, and you hold out hope. I didn’t have any hope.”

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