Necaxa vs Atlético San Luis (2-3). GOALSHalftime

The first victory of the Clausura 2023 was for Atlético de San Luiswho entered the Victoria Stadium to beat Necaxa 3-2 on Matchday 1. Andrés Lillini debuted with the left foot and his team showed good things, but it was not enough to score points at home.

Atlético de San Luis played better and for that reason he took a good victory, to add three visiting points.

The match was very moved and Unai Bilbao had the first at minute 7, when a ball was found in the area that ended up in the hands of Marcelo Barovero.

The actions continued and at 14′, Fernando Madrigal took a right hand that Jesús Piñuelas managed to deflect.

San Luis responded to 17‘, with Piñuelas finishing off a header that went over the side of the hydro-warm goal.

Leandro Bonatini tried at 22′ with a good play in which he cut and shot into the goalkeeper’s handsHugo Gonzalez.

In the second half, San Luis opened the scoring when at 63′, Juan Sarabia finished off a ball that Ricardo Chávez focused on and turned it on to beat Gonzalez and make it 1-0.

San Luis continued and Dieter Villalpando shot very loosely that González saved, before the 2-0.

Bonatini made the second with a Vaseline, when going hand in hand against González, at 66′ what seemed to kill the necaxist aspirations.

The Rays approached 72′, when Ricardo Monreal deflected a shot from Heriberto Jurado, which with that Barovero did not reach and received the goal from Necaxa.

This revived the Necaxa since Damián Batallini headed in a good play, but he did not give him to tie at 82′.

At 88′, San Luis made it 1-3 when Sabín Merino took advantage of an error behind Necaxa and inside the area he sent her to save to give his team the victory, although at 97′, Angelo Araos put the final 3-2 with a well-placed shot and with the necessary power to beat Barovero but it did not prevent the visitors from taking the first duel of the Clausura 2023.

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