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SAO PAULO.- Taylor Swift She is one of the most recognized artists worldwide, with a great presence in various musical genres such as pop, country, folk and alternative. In this sense, not surprisingly, his fan base stretches as far as Brazilwhere one person even received complaints for having his music at maximum volume.

It was last Tuesday, January 24, that the Brazilian media General Balance published a report in which a woman in the capital of Sao Paulo sued his neighbor for play music loud during the course of the day and even at night.

When she and many more neighbors went to complain, the person inside the building never answered or showed his face to answer for his actions. This is why a reporter went to cover the situation and pay the infamous neighbor a visit.

The singer’s followers praised the neighbor for his musical taste

Despite the fact that the journalist’s attempts were in vain, since he did not receive any response, the spectators could not help but smile when listening to the selection of songs that invaded the ears of the entire Brazilian neighborhood.https://www.elimparcial.com/mundo/La-mujer-con-labio-leporino-y-paladar-endido-que-poso-para-Vogue-y-se-convirtio-en-modelo-de-lipintalabios -20230129-0062.html

However, the one that most captured the attention of the public was nothing more and nothing less than “Anti Hero”the most recent success of Taylor Swift.

At one point in the interview you can hear a fragment of the song while the reporter knocks on the door of the building and tries to start a dialogue with the person behind the door.

Immediately, fans of the American singer filled a Facebook post with curious comments, boasting about the song’s scope and even praising the neighbor for his “excellent taste in music”.

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