Neither Ferrari nor Lamborghini, knows the most beastly car of Cristian Castro

It is a Mercedes Benz C-300 Cabriolet, one of the most popular German convertibles on the market. Cristian Castro was shown on board it through the American streets enjoying music at full volume. Find out more!

When talking about Latin American music, it is inevitable not to mention Cristian Castro as one of the most popular on a continental level. The author of hits such as “Por Amarte Así”, “Azul”, “Lloviendo Estrellas” and “Lloran las Rosas”, among others, takes advantage of his fame to be able to indulge in some tastes, in which those related to one of his great tastes stand out. : the cars.

Despite not constantly appearing in luxurious cars, Castro was followed by the Paparazzi in the United States, more precisely in the streets of Malibu, California, where he was seen aboard a Mercedes Benz C-300 Cabriolet.. Angry at the journalistic harassment, the Mexican could only be seen listening to music at full volume.

As far as the car is concerned, the convertible is one of the most popular models of the Mercedes Benz C-Class. Its performance is amazing, thanks to its 2.0 four-cylinder engine, with 258 hp at 5,800 rpm. These numbers allow it to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

Cristian Castro aboard his Mercedes Benz C-300 Cabriolet

In addition, it has numerous comforts, such as its automatic climate control, its premium sound system, no need for a key, emergency braking, traction and stability control, parking aids and attention warning assistance. As expected, its price places it in a difficult position to acquire, since to have it it must be purchased for 1.8 million Mexican pesos.

Without a doubt, it is a great choice for Cristian Castro, who does often make public his fascination with motorcycles and quads. Within the little that could be investigated, the author does not have a very large garage, so it would be difficult for a car to stand out above the convertible Mercedes.

This is what the German convertible looks like

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