Neither Ferrari nor Lamborghini, this is Gal Gadot’s most beastly car

Gal Gadot was able to access a juicy fortune thanks to her brilliant performances. Although he shares a great love for vehicles, in his garage he does not have a car from the classic Italian brands such as Ferrari or Lamborghini. He knows which is the most beastly car that the Israeli-born drives, below.

Gal Gadot is currently one of the most prominent celebrities in the world. With her brilliant performances as Gisele Yashar in various installments of the saga fast and furiousand how Diana Prince, wonder-woman, managed to establish herself as one of the highest grossing actresses. This allowed him access to major productions such as Death On The Nile.

In addition to making her image travel around the planet, her career as an actress gave her the opportunity to sign juicy contracts that filled her pockets with dollars. Just for starring in the movie Red Noticewhere he shared filming with Ryan Reynolds Y Dwayne Johnsonthe one born in Israel took a bag of $20 million.

Salaries of this style allow him to lead a life full of luxuries. she shares a great love for vehicles and thanks to the high salaries he received, he was able to get hold of several of them. In his collection, we can find a Mini Cooper Sa cadillac-escaladea Jaguar F Typea BMW X5M and a Tesla Model X.

While one would expect a celebrity of Gadot’s caliber to have an expensive ferrari or a flashy Lamborghiniwe can say that the most beastly car she drives is the Tesla Model X. This US brand vehicle has a market value of 140 thousand dollarsthus being the most valuable among those he handles.

This car, the most brutal in the Israeli collection, has two electric motors: one located in the front square and another located in the rear seat. Together, these engines are capable of generating a combined power of 671 horsepower. In this way, Model X can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.1 seconds and reach a 250km/h top speed.

Gal Gadot and her Tesla Model X.

Gal Gadot and her Tesla Model X.

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