Neither Van Persie did it, Santi Giménez could make history with Feyenoord

Robin Van Persie / Santiago Gimenez
Robin Van Persie / Santiago Gimenez

Santiago Gimenez He’s had a great season with him. feyenoord. Starting as a replacement that resembled the ‘amulet’ of the team to already be a starting number 9 by the Dutch team. The Mexican striker has raised his hand to show that the Mexican soccer player can succeed in the Old World.

Now that the Eredivise team is going through a great moment, the ‘Chaquito’ would be nothing to make history in the Netherlands. To understand the magnitude of said event, it would be something that not even the same robin van persie has achieved, one of the great players that the team has produced and in which he was for more than 5 years.

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We’re talking about winning eredivise, since the Dutch goalscorer could not achieve this feat with Feyenoord, since he only managed one Cup and one Super Cup. So Santiago Giménez could brag to his mentor (since Van Persie is now a striker’s coach at Feyenoord) that he would achieve something the former striker always wanted.

How is the Eredivise table going?

At the end of matchday 19, Santiago Giménez’s team has 42 points, two more than AZ Alkmaar. So the fight for the title in the Netherlands would be red hot, since 34 dates are disputed within the league, that is, there would be 15 exciting dates to know who will be the Eredivise champion.

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