Nelson Cruz with pending accounts upon arrival at the San Diego Padres

Nelson Cruz has pending accounts. The Padres also have unfinished business. Maybe that’s why the veteran Dominican seems to fit like a glove in San Diego.

The one-year pact between Cruz and the Padres it became official on monday, after the gunboat passed his physical exam in the Dominican Republic. The next day, Cruz spoke to the media via Zoom and gushed about where the San Diego team is in.

For a 19-year-old major leaguer still chasing his first World Series title, it was the ideal situation.

“That was what I was looking for,” Cruz said. “A chance to win the World Series. I got other offers that I think money-wise were better. But in the end, before my career [termine]What I want is to win it.”

Of course, this contract was more influenced by Cruz’s (and the Padres’) desire to win a championship. Los Frailes wouldn’t have signed the quisqueyan if they didn’t think there’s room for him to contribute.

Let’s remember what happened in October. In the postseason, the Padres did not have great depth on the bench. Manager Bob Melvin — known for his tactical acumen and shrewd maneuvering during games — was forced to use the same nine starting players every night. He rarely went to his bench.

This move (and others GM AJ Preller made this winter) would help change that.

“I’m here for my at-bats,” Cruz said. But I’m open to any [rol]”.

Cruz is a legitimate fit for this roster, and with a one-year, $1 million contract, he represents a low-risk addition.

In theory, Cruz could start against left-handed pitching and come off the bench against right-handers — sharing the DH job with another of the club’s winter signings, Matt Carpenter. But Cruz might earn more at-bats if he can perform like he did in 2021.

Cruz has revealed that he had suffered from a problem in his left eye for more than a year. He underwent surgery in October to correct it, and the veteran affirms that “without a doubt I see the ball better now.”

Last year, Cruz had a .234/.313/.337 offensive line with Washington, a number light years from his .859 career OPS. And of course, it would be unfair to expect Nelson Cruz to have his best season at 42 years of age. But during the 2021 season, Cruz hit .316/.375/.538 against left-handed pitching. If the Padres get such production from Cruz, he’ll be an immensely valuable bat.

In addition, Cruz brings 18 years of Major League Baseball experience with Milwaukee, Texas, Baltimore, Seattle, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Washington. He’s a veteran presence from the Dominican Republic on a team that features two of the country’s top stars, Juan Soto and Fernando Tatis Jr. In fact, Cruz signaled the opportunity to play alongside that duo, and also Manny Machado— essentially, another Dominican — as one of the main reasons he signed with San Diego.

“I feel like there are still things that I can bring to the game,” Cruz said. “They definitely signed me to hit. But I can also help young guys get through tough situations, and even veterans.

“I think this team, this organization, we are very close to putting all the pieces together. I think I can help achieve that goal.”

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