Nepal breaks stereotypes with first “plus size” woman at Miss Universe 2023


Miss Universe 2023, a beauty pageant taking place in El Salvador, has started its preliminary process and the participation of plus-size model, Miss Nepal, Jane Deepika Garrett has gone viral for breaking stereotypes and winning the affection of the public.

Attendees of the Miss Universe preliminary pageant gave a warm welcome to the Nepalese contestant, an emotional moment that went viral on the network.

The Miss Nepal contestant has created history in the pageant by becoming the first plus-size candidate for the crown and thus challenging the established norms in beauty pageants.

Miss Nepal has been described as a tenacious, resilient and true woman who embraces her true essence without any fear. Also as a strong, fearless and brave woman.

Although the participant from Nepal was not exempt from negative comments from Internet users, the majority praised the organization of the contest for changing its rules and opening participation to a wide variety of women.

Who is Jane Garrett?

Her full name is Jane Deepika Garrett, she was born in Nepal and currently she is 22 years old; She is now competing in Miss Universe 2023 and although she still has a long way to go to reach the finish line, she has already earned the praise of hundreds of people who highlighted her bravery by standing on such a platform Is.

The young woman’s profession is philanthropic, as she works in the field of health and care of the sick, she is a nurse, so it was born from her love of providing assistance to others, especially the most vulnerable: children.

«Working with children is both very rewarding and painful when we see the suffering in this world, but Smile Train is making a difference and that’s what matters. Now is the time to break down the stigmas that this world has placed on those who don’t fit in. We are all human, we are worthy of love, and we are worthy of love and acceptance. This is humanity. Be humane”.

Strangely, while she dedicated herself to this profession, she suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome, which affects thousands of women, and she has tried to give voice to the problems she faces despite social pressures. Many people have to face.

“Women go through many different changes in their bodies. I’m going through a transition from PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome) and it’s okay! It’s a time to celebrate the various changes in women’s bodies and embrace all our shapes and sizes. People come in such diversity and that’s what makes humans so unique and special.”

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