Nepo babies and their complexity of being born in a golden cradle

Meriem Deradji She is a 25-year-old Argentinean who works in Canada in a call center offering technical support to the users of a service, she is also a very seasoned tweeter who is part of the army of fans or who, like the writer Nicholas Alvarado I would call them “the booth centenials” of Nicki Minaj and has learned to use the Internet and social networks in an extremely effective way.

serendipitous discovery

Meriem is also a frequent viewer of the series “Euphoria”, one of the great successes that can see the centenialssince according to Nicolás himself it is not a series that he prefers.

Based on her experience as a spectator of “Euphoria”, Mariem discovered that she did not have much appreciation for Maude Apatow and his work in this series, he did not find his performance as exceptional as that of zendaya or that of other actors participating in this television production, and started researching Maudehow bad he liked her and then she discovered that Apatow is the daughter, as is well known, of the famous film director Judd Apatow who revolutionized film comedy some 10 or 15 years ago and of the actress leslie mann.

What Meriem lived for many years in Algeria in a community where there was no internet, I had no knowledge of who Judd Apatow was, who Leslie Mann was, and what was, let’s say, Maude Apatow’s acting pedigree.

So, Meriem publicized her discovery on Twitter as follows: “I just found out that the actress who plays Lexie is a daughter of nepotism” a “nepotism baby”, as he originally formulated it:

“Oh my God her mom is Leslie Mann and her dad is a movie director!”

That tweet received more than 4,000 likes and from there a viral phenomenon was generated that has us talking about nepo babiesthat is, of the stars who are the children of celebrities.

Who are the nepo babies?

Why do nepo babies challenge us so much? Why are we surprised by a phenomenon that began in the 1930s, when Douglas Fairbanks Jr. he was the first to become a celebrity himself.

Douglas was the son of Douglas Fairbanks, one of the great silent film stars and stepson of Mary Pickford, another of the great silent film stars, his parents were founders of the United Artist Jr. Douglas Fairbanks.

Why, if this phenomenon occurred even at the end of the 1920s, does it now surprise us so much… why does it shock us so much? What does it say about the society in which we live? What does it say about the relationship between privilege and merit? Why are we obsessed with knowing who is the father or who is the mother of this or that celebrity we see on the screen? Why are we obsessed with this? discovering it will be a task for the fucking complexity.

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