Nessa Barrett against selfish and superficial influencers. Who are you talking about?


Nessa Barrett attacked on Twitter some of them about colleagues considered selfish and superficial. There are those who think that the titkoker was referring to Josh Richards and Olivia Ponton. Is that really the case? Let’s go in order and reconstruct the facts.

Two days ago Nessa posted a tweet with the video of Pain (which according to some critics would be copied from Selfish by Madison Beer). Under that tweet the tiktkoer vented attacking, without mentioning them, some about fellow influencers:

If you post a photo of your body every time you train to show off nothing, please stop it. When faced with certain things I feel a great embarrassment. Nobody cares if you’ve been working for 100 days, not even your ten-year-old fans.

There are so many influencers who do live shows or post just to brag and show how rich they are while asking to be rich and not paying attention to their followers who took them to that point. It’s so sad to see how selfish and superficial people are. I have lost my faith in humanity.

Nessa Barrett, perhaps regretting such harsh and clear statements, later deleted those tweets, but users had plenty of time to read and comment on them. Some of them assumed that those messages were addressed to Olivia Ponton, others to her ex-boyfriend Josh Richards:

She literally described her ex-boyfriend.

In subsequent tweets Nessa Barrett changed the subject, apologizing for being a bad example in the past and ensured that it has changed:

In the last three months I have matured so much. Please tell me that you have noticed my growth.

Nessa will also have matured, but fans from those tweets have probably noticed more the criticism of colleagues, rather than its growth…

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