Néstor Lorenzo tested players against the United States: How was Colombia’s score? | Colombia selection

The Colombia selection directed by the Argentine coach Nestor Lawrence He played his fourth international friendly since he arrived in the tricolor and with a goalless draw against the United States, he sealed his tour.

Perhaps this game between Colombia and the Americans has been the game where they have tested players the most, since from the beginning they had some from the Colombian league and combined them with several from the MLS who are in a good moment.

From the start of the game, Néstor Lorenzo’s roster was promising, because there were interesting names such as Alexis Pérez, Jorman Campuzano, Yilmar Velásquez, Dylan Borrero, ‘Cucho’ Hernández, ‘Chicho’ Arango and Diego Valoyes, the latter forming a trident in attack for this match.

For the second half, Lorenzo tried other players and even changed Álvaro Montero to give way to José Luis Chunga, but, in addition, he led Daniel Ruiz, Diber Cambindo, Kevin Castaño and Santiago Moreno to add their first minutes in the Colombian National Team.

However, among the best qualified in this match of Colombia against the Americans, was the midfielder Jorman Campuzano, who was the axis of the midfield of the tricolor and was assigned with a score of 7.6 by achieving 74 touches, 85% successful passes and six long balls, four of them completed.

Regarding the defensive zone, there was also a good behavior and despite the fact that they had never played, they behaved well and they all ended up having an equal score, although Alexis Perez he was narrowly the best with a 7.4 rating while collecting five punts, one interception and two tackles.

The attack part was not far behind, but the best highlight was Diego Valoyes who was the one who got closest to the goal and with his dribbling managed to show that he always wanted to be that plus to reach the goal. The striker from Talleres de Córdoba together with Juan Camilo Hernández scored 7.0 and 7.1, beating Cristian Arango who played 45 minutes and was the least qualified of the forwards.

Despite the fact that those who entered in the second half did not have many minutes to demonstrate their qualities, they finished with an acceptable qualification, where daniel ruiz He was the best of all those who entered and in the 22 minutes he played he had 71 touches and 12 of 17 successful passes, as well as winning two duels on the ground and two in the air.

Finally, another of the most outstanding was the steering wheel Dylan Borrero who in 68 minutes of play accumulated more successful passes than any other player used by Lorenzo, where he had 95% effectiveness, two long passes, one dribble, won two duels and had two shots, one on goal and one off, performance which gave it a 7.0 rating.

For now, Néstor Lorenzo will have to analyze which players he tried he will stay with for the next calls and it is not yet known if the majority he used will have an opportunity when they are the base of the selected one. At the moment, the Argentine era remains undefeated by accumulating four games without defeat.

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