Netanyahu draws anger from families of Israeli hostages and continues his onward flight to Gaza

Protests and outrage are growing in the streets of Israel, where this weekend thousands of people have once again demanded the resignation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and an agreement for the release of more than a hundred hostages held in the Gaza Strip since October. The mobilizations continued this Monday, with roads blocked in various parts of the country. “When the hostages have been released in Gaza, the north is on fire and another war is about to break out, the government is abandoning all our lives,” the anti-government Black Flags movement denounced.

Netanyahu sparked anger and concern from relatives of those kidnapped when he said in an interview with Channel 14 on Sunday night that he was “ready for a partial agreement” with the Palestinian group Hamas to gain the personal freedom of some hostages, but not to end the war. “In order to achieve the goal of eliminating Hamas, we are committed to continuing the war after a pause. I am not ready to give up,” he said.

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