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The actor stars in ‘The Reverend’, a portentous film directed by the screenwriter of ‘Taxi Driver’. A jewel that you must hunt while it is available in streaming.

A deep and heartbreaking drama that looks into the darkness of the world, wondering what we can do to fix it or even if it is too late for it. A unique proposal for auteur cinema, which brings together existential questions related to religion and the environmental crisis. The Reverend is quirky, but it’s also one of the best movies of recent years.

And eye, you only have a few days to see it in Netflix before it leaves the platform after June 30. You should not miss the opportunity to enjoy one of the best performances of Ethan Hawke, the formidable protagonist of Black Phone. Here he puts himself under the orders of the Taxi Driver screenwriter, the essential Paul Schrader, who shows his enormous talent as a director as well as as a regular screenwriter for Martin Scorsese.

The film does not lie, the protagonist is a reverend of a small church in the United States. The lonely priest played by Hawke tries to carry out this small temple far from New York, with fewer and fewer faithful and being almost a subsidiary of a larger temple that can devour him at any time.

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However, he remains focused on helping his community. One day a young pregnant woman (Amanda Seyfried) will come to him asking for advice and help for her husband, a radical environmentalist obsessed with the climate decline that is coming. Her contact with him will greatly impact him and lead him to look at your environment with different eyes, the polluting work of companies near your town and the collusion of institutions to look the other way.

The priest It is a pure film of social denunciation, exposing the urgency of the threat that comes to us and the devastating feeling that nobody is willing to do anything to solve it. The film touches on very dark emotions that connect with the aforementioned Taxi driveralthough Schrader’s direction opts for a more sedate pace with a more distressing and heavy atmosphere.

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Religious issues will also come into play, making the film a complex exploration of very existential issues. It could be something very difficult to digest, but Hawke’s outstanding performance helps make this complicated character intriguing and thought-provoking. His work should have had more recognition at the industry awards that year 2018, where his name was mentioned a lot.

Many of these elements return to The priest a demanding movie, but rewards a lot when you do your part. A unique drama that wants to play with the thriller at times, but sneaks in many classic references that give it a special flavor. That’s why you shouldn’t let it go, especially these last days where it will be available in streaming.

You can see The priest on Netflix.

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