Netflix premieres April 2023: ‘Scarface’, ‘Power Ranger and more, arrive on the platform

Netflix renews its catalog with new series, movies, documentaries, children’s fiction and anime on April 2023, as we are used to. For the fourth month of the year, the premiere of the series ‘El amor después del amor’ stands out, which narrates the life and career of Fito Páez, one of the most important artists in Argentina.

Also on the premiere grid is season 13 of ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ and the second part of ‘A Quiet Place’, directed by John Krasinski and starring his wife Emily Blunt.

Find out in the following note what are the premieres of the platform Netflix for April of 2023.


April 4

‘The Firm’

6 of April


April 8

‘Shin, divorce lawyer’

April 13th

‘A man from Florida’

April 14th


April 26

‘Workin’ Moms’: Season 7

‘The love after Love’

April 27

‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’: Season 8

‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’: Season 13


April 1st

‘Out in the open’

‘White elephant’


‘Ghost Rider: The Ghost Rider’

‘One direction: That’s how we are’

5th of April

‘The art of being an adult’

april 7


April 14th

‘Escape of Queens’

April 19th

‘Power Rangers: Yesterday, Today and Forever’

April, the 21st

‘Travel guide to love’

April 30th

‘A Quiet Place: Part II’


April 12th

‘Relentless Manhunt: The Boston Marathon Bombing’

April 18th

‘How to get rich’


April 1st

‘Invading neighbors’

April 10th

‘Cocomelon: Let’s sing!’ – Season 8

‘Trolls World Tour’

April 13th

‘A Boss in Diapers: Back in the Cradle’ – Season 2

April 17th

‘Oggy Oggy’: Season 2

April, the 21st

‘Barbie: It Takes Two’

April 22

‘Magnificent, Scientific Ada’: Season 4

April 27

‘Tiboucan’: Season 3


April 3


28th of April

‘InuYasha’: Season 6


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