Netflix premieres the most dramatic survival series: it has 6 chapters and is a success on the platform

Netflix He bets everything with the launch of another of his most dramatic series. On this occasion, it is about “Keep breathing”a story that will be ideal to see during the weekend and is already in the Top 10.

Netflix: what is “Keep Breathing” about?

“Keep breathing” is a survival series that tells the life of Liv Rivera, a New York lawyer who has the challenge of overcoming extreme situations, after her private plane crashed in the middle of the Canadian jungle and he had to face his greatest fears.

During the series, Rivera will be seen, who has flashbacks of the event. The protagonist will have to face again one of his traumas that he had already managed to overcome at some point in his life, but that now flourishes again. The series has 6 chapters.

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Who are part of the cast?

The series is starring Jeff Wilbusch (Unorthodox), Austin Stowell (Colossal), Florencia Lozano (Narcos), Juan Pablo Espinosa (Floricienta), Mike Dopud (Partners and Bloodhounds), Joselyn Picard (Superman & Lois), Getenesh Berhe (Running with Violet), Michelle Choi-Lee (Yellowjackets), Ranjit Samra (The Twilight Zone), Alison Wandzura (The Traverse), Keith Dinicol (Schitt’s Creek), Katrina Reynolds (Batwoman) and Stephanie Izsak (The Flash).

Short series to watch on Netflix

Keep breathing is not the only series of few chapters on the platform. In case you have been trapped or trapped by the story, you can continue with these recommendations of similar series and movies:

Survival Mode – movie

According to the official synopsis:

“In the middle of a harsh winter in the mountains of Quebec, after a fatal accident, a group of people who are in a training camp, are estranged in the camp, in the middle of nature and fighting for their survival.”

Cast: Guillaume Laurin, Marc Beaupr, Ral Boss, Marilyn Castonguay, Guillaume Cyr, Isabelle Giroux.

The I-Land – series

According to the official synopsis:

“Ten people wake up on a paradise island without remembering who they are and how they got there. From there, they will begin a difficult path to try to recover their memory and return home, but suddenly they will discover that the world is not what it seems.”

Cast: Natalie Martinez, Alex Pettyfer, Kate Bosworth, Sibylla Deen, Kota Eberhardt, Anthony Lee Medina.

You vs. Wild – Series

According to the official synopsis:

“Beat Grylls will try to survive in each chapter various survival challenges in different parts of the world. For his part, the viewer will be part of the strip and select different options to continue with the story.”

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